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D A N I E L  M c D O N A L D




Artist’s Statement:

Painting and Printmaking

The complexity of the art world is curious, it has spawned many different artists in so many directions in the last century. Looking back, I discovered that the direction I related to is “. . .free art from the burden of object.” — Kasimir Malevich. I appreciate the pure and simple aesthetic and I have always related to a spontaneous approach in painting and printmaking.

In time, I realize with my commitment to non-objective art, I still have an interest in figurative and representational works. I do not strive to replicate but I am inspired by borrowed imagery from many sources.

I have been doing silk screens and using the technique that I use in painting and applying that in the printing process. My work is accomplished by randomly repeating patterns on a grid. I have found that silk screen lends itself to experimentation. A painting can eventually get around to the printmaking process, or the print may inspire the painting. My application in silk screen can be quite painterly, doing multiple layers and several impressions.


The “Horizontal Triptych” series, is an experiment of silk screen first,

then the paintings. Working on the paintings, the first piece “Horizontal Triptych I,”

is a literal translation of the silk screen, “Book.” The other two,

“Horizontal Triptych II & III,"  follow up on a different course, more painterly, less graphic.


To my students and future students who want to. . .

"Learn to Paint and Love the Experience," as your instructor, you will create color harmonies through the process of painting, and other media with an art historical context. This can be representational or abstract using visual props, still life materials. What is key, is finding the barometer of the class, using an approach that is right for the individual. In class, a series of examples will motivate a student to learn basic steps to achieve nice results at any learning level.






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