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"Untitled" Mixed Medium, oil on linen, diptych, 14x22"w
"Mountain Deluge" casein on panel, 39x27"w, frame
"Untitled" oil on linen, 13x39"w, framed
"Color Class: Still Life of Wall" students painted under direction, acrylic on bristol board, 16x13w, framed
"Found, Gowanus", oil, pastel and wallpaper 18x22"w
"Perparation G" oil, acrylic and pastel on panel 15.75x19.75"w
"Toile de Jouy" acrylic, pastel and wallpaper 21x31"w
"Tablet" acrylic and pastel on paper 60x54"w
"Along The Way" Pastel on paper 22x60"w
"Horizontal Triptych I", oil on linen 30x36w"
"Horizontal Triptych II", oil & pastel on linen 30x36w"
"Horizontal Triptych III", oil, acrylic & pastel on linen 30x36w"
"Slab I" acrylic on paper 14x18"w
"Slab II" acrylic on paper  20x18"w
"Neighbor I" acrylic on panel 9.75x7.75"w
"Neighbor II" acrylic on panel 9.75x7.75"w
"Neighbor III" acrylic on panel 9.75x7.75"w
"Intersection" Acrylic on panels 39.5x39.5"w
"Gender Aqua" oil on linen 12x12" square
"Aerial Landscape" oil on paper 35x44"w
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